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Important Waypoints

For those of you using a GPS (Satellite Navigator), here are some useful waypoints to type into your machine. Not all of them are located on off-road stretches, but they are included on this page as they can be useful for calculating distances, time of arrival, and other interesting stuff. All the waypoints are in the format degrees / minutes / seconds. Some GPS systems use different formats (i.e. decimals instead of seconds). In such case you will need to convert the waypoint before using it.
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Beni-Ounif: 32°15'03''N 001°09'56''W. Beni-Ounif is the border post on the Algerian side of the border with Morocco.
Béchar: 31°37'00''N 002°14'00''W.
Abadla: 31°01'00''N 002°44'00''W.
Adrar: 27°52'21''N 000°17'10''W.
Reggane: 26°43'66''N 000°09'34''E.
Aoulef: 26°57'18''N 001°05'22''E.
In Salah: 27°12'00''N 002°28'00''E.
Arak: 25°15'25''N 003°46'47''E.
Tamanrasset: 22°47'00''N 005°31'18''E.
Good Road South of Tamanrasset: 22°44'01''N 005°32'34''E. This waypoint is where the asphalt stops a few kilometres south of Tamanrasset. If you are coming from In Guezzam, you must find this spot to get through the mountains.
Difficult Sand Area: 20°24'40''N 005°44'25''E. This spot on the way from Tamanrasset to In Guezzam is particularly difficult. You will have to drive through a pass with sand seas on both sides. It is very easy to get stuck here. 
In Guezzam: 19°28'34''N 005°47'15''E.


Assamaka: 19°20'03''N 005°46'07''E.
Arlit: 18°44'00''N 007°23'00''E.
Agadèz: 16°58'00''N 007°59'00''E.
Aderbissinat: 15°37'05''N 007°53'22''E.
Tanout: 14°58'15''N 008°52'31''E.
Eden's Field Station: 14°51'03''N 008°52'00''E. The field station can be seen from the road between Tanout and Zinder. Take a look through your window if you're passing by.


Figuig: 32°21'09''N 001°06'32''W. Figuig is the border post on the Moroccan side of the border with Algeria.
Bouarfa: 32°43'18''N 001°48'03''W. 
Boudnib: 32°01'31''N 003°29'55''W.
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