Eden Foundation

Eden Foundation

Founded 1985 in Sweden
Active in Tanout, Niger, since 1987

Direct seeding

Direct seeded plant

Direct seeding means that you sow a tree directly in the ground without watering it, instead of raising a seedling in a protected nursery and transplanting it later on.

Though the plant grows slowly, the direct seeded perennial produces an extensive root system that enables the young plant to reach moisture remaining in the soil long after the rainy season has ended.

Seedlings raised in nurseries however produce a larger plant but have an inadequate root system and can't support themselves during the extreme dry season without irrigation.

Direct seeding is therefore the only practical solution for our farmers in Tanout who have no water to spare.

Seedling raised in nursery

"You must come and see the plants I have direct seeded in my garden. Thanks to Eden, our men have trees in their fields again and we, the women, make money from the fruits they produce. This allows us to buy many things for our families such as millet, salt and spices."

- Mrs. Lawali Hasan from Wala

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