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Since 1986, Eden Foundation has had the opportunity to cross the Sahara on several occasions. The latest was in October 96. The vehicles used have mainly been Toyota Land Cruisers, and the route has been between Niger and Algeria, crossing the border at In Guezzam / Assamaka. The following is a recollection of some of the things we have learnt and found useful during this time.

Advice to the Novice

Choosing a proper Vehicle

Packing and Preparation Tips

Interesting Equipment

Quality of the Roads

Important Waypoints

Useful Words

Political and Cultural Issues

Should you end up in Real Trouble

Art Gallery

Disclaimer: This site is intended to give you information and ideas that may be of help during a desert crossing. It does not take into account every possible situation, nor can we guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate, even though we do our best to provide correct information. Crossing the Sahara must be done entirely at your own risk.
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